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peace has made you weak, they said

forgetting the blood they have spilled

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Name:Balthazar "ɢαεʟтαяσ" Tishler

Balthazar 'Gaeltaro' Tishler
The youngest of Demi-Gods and the most recent fringe cult of magic
in Alder. Gaeltaro and the Gaeltarons are the warriors, hunters,
and craftsmen. Their magic lays in blood but they are the least
magic-based people (meaning, they are the least likely to use their
magic in every day life) however heavily ceremonious people. The
Gaeltarons are generally good-hearted with persevering attitudes
and strong morals. They are adverse to the Khiarias but take a
defensive role for the most part. They bond strongly with nature and
the cycle of life and death. They are one of the only cults which do
not seem to be weary or fear the Madrukhush.

When not in battle, Gaeltarons find comfort in building and doing
good labor. They are excellent craftspeople and fantastic hunters.
The women are just as battle-ready and skilled as the men and the
men are just as likely to do housework as the women. There is very
little gender roles in this cult. Gaeltarons believe in community
and often show intolerance toward those who think of themselves

Due to the nature of their magic, their ceremonies, and their hand-
crafted way about them, many others may consider them barbaric and
primitive. However they are the first to welcome you into their homes,
put food on your plate and ale in your cup.

pb is Santiago Cabrera.
Character is Original (APOLOGIES FOR CONFUSION)
Not being used for profit
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